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Gluten FreeThis site was created to assist friends, parents and children who are staying free from gluten. We hope you will participate in helping this community grow. I know that the idea of gluten free can be overwhelming at first but we hope this will help you on your path. Whether your path is celiac, intolerance, allergies or spiritual, your friends are here to assist. We are grateful for your time with us.

glutenGluten is an insoluble protein occurring in wheat and other cereal grains.  It is made of the proteins gliadin and glutenin. Its presence in our flours helps make the production of leavened or raised baked goods and sweet breads possible. The chainlike molecules form a stretchable or elastic network that traps carbon dioxide that expands.

Gluten is found in a wide variety of food products.



Best Gluten Free Friends

Jeanie Steuer, Ann Davila, Daniel Staite, and Nancy Willard.

Jeanie Steuer, Ann Davila, Daniel Staite, and Nancy Willard.

Jeanie Steuer,
Is married to Larry and she lives outside Austin Texas. Jeanie is a mom to three children and two grand child. She has RN in nursing, with a degree in culinary arts and is studying herbal medicine . Very interested in health management she joined the group to assist. Jeanie is a 2nd Black Sash in Tai Chi.
We so appreciate her gifts.

Ann Davila,
Married to Mike with two children they live near Austin Texas. Ann is a 2nd degree black belt in Kung Fu. When Ann was told she needed to become Gluten free, is when this endeavor began.  Ann went to Texas A&M then received her law degree in California. Ann has been Gf for approximately a year.

Daniel Staite,
Lives Near Austin Texas with wife Sara and 2 children. When the oldest child was diagnosed Gluten intolerant life changed for my family. I started to learn how to mix flours to do normal meals. Almost 10 years have gone by and there are so many pre-made products that taste great. Being gluten free is no longer a inconvenience or burden to my family. Daniel is a alternative healer, and a 3rd degree black belt in Kung fu.

Nancy Willard,
A native New Yorker, lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband, Jim, and two sons, Jimmy, 16, and Eric, 10.  She and her boys are Kung Fu black belts.  Nancy and Eric have been gluten-free for six months, and Jim and Jimmy also partake in Mom’s special dishes, and love them.

While her husband prefers brisket and Texas toast, he’ll trade that for his wife’s gluten-free creations, any day.  And he often does.

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Gluten free friends
Sara Benolken-Texas, Crystal Priddy-Texas, Susan Rodgers-Texas, Racheal Brazil Texas, Hannah Rangel Nevada, Zane Josef Staite Texas


gluten-free-friendsWe have created a cookbook to help pay for the website and the endeavors of this group. We hope you are excited to find a site where you can add your recipes to help other Gluten free friends find a simpler way to help each other.
We have created a cookbook just for you.

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